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A Short Note on the Nicotine Strength of Electronic Cigarettes

    A Short Note on the Nicotine Strength of Electronic Cigarettes

    Emergence of vaporizer and electronic cigarettes have brought a revolutionary change around the world. They are the best alternative medium for smoking. It is also healthy compared to tobacco filled cigarettes.

    In the electronic cigarettes, the nicotine present in aerosol helps in enjoying similar smoking sense like in real cigarettes filled with tobacco. The proportion of the nicotine present is mentioned on each cartridge.

    Why the need to know the nicotine strength?

    Quite low nicotine presents in the e liquid won’t give the desired satisfaction and too high may result in the user of e cig becoming addictive to it. Thus, the need to know right nicotine strength is essential to enjoy smoking. While deciding how much nicotine you need to use in your e juice, remember that the composition of every brand of E liquid nicotine level differs. Moreover, the strength needs to be decided considering your body tolerance level for nicotine. Even the cigarette size differs, thus the cartridge size varies depending on the amount of nicotine present. So, the nicotine proportions in every e cig is totally different.

    The other facts affecting the consideration of nicotine strength are:

    • The nicotine strength needs to be the same as the traditional cigarette used for smoking otherwise the user won’t get the same satisfaction.
    • A user must get the same throat hit, otherwise they won’t be interested to use alternative of traditional cigarette again.

    General information on nicotine strength:

    Most of the popular brand e cigs have nicotine proportions 4mg to 14 mg. It depends upon how deep the cig user inhales the vapors to get absorbed in their body. Even its effects on the body depends upon how frequently they puff e cig.

    In the cartridge of the e juice the nicotine proportion present is marked in milligrams per milliliter. Sometimes the proportions are mentioned in percentage. Some brands of e cigs are specially made for women and novice users. Electronic cigarettes have nicotine content.

    The lowest level is 3mg/ml normally used by beginners having just stepped in the electronic cigarette world. 6mg/ml is best for people using traditional cigarettes occasionally, hence this nicotine strength in the e juice to vape will be perfect for them. 12 mg/ml is mainly preferred by frequent users of e cigs favoring multiple flavors of the e juice. 18 mg/ml is perfect for people loving to use tobacco filled cigars. 24mg/ml is right for users of two packs of tobacco cigarettes daily. 36mg/ml is for people addicted to nicotine. Some e cigs even have 50mg/ml of nicotine strength. Only one or two puffs are enough to satisfy the nicotine cravings of the e cig user.

    To try out the Eliquid Depot vape juice brand, refer to the information provided on the website that sells the world’s popular brands of e cigs. To know the right nicotine strength best for you, try using e juice cartridges having lower proportions of nicotine. Gradually, increase the proportions till you reach the perfect nicotine level to enjoy electronic cigarettes.

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