About – Samantha Young


When it comes to writing one of the more prominent names these days especially when it comes to the contemporary category would be Samantha Young.


It is hard not to get wind of her and the work that she does though especially since she has managed to secure a New York Times’ Bestseller on her belt. Add to that the fact that she has also earned a Wall Street Journal, and a USA today nods for the work that she has done and you know that you got yourself a keeper of an author.

She hails from Stirlingshire in Scotland and has been known for the contemporary and romance work that she has since churned out over the years. This Scottish book lover graduated from the University of Edinburgh back in 2009. She was actually studying medieval and ancient history back when she was in the university. It was during her first year in the university that she has actually come to the idea of her YA tales, which later became a trilogy of her Tale of Lunarmorte. She was listening to a lecture on classical literature when the idea popped up.

She has begun her work by actually focusing on stories that fall under the Young Adults genre. Recently though, he has decided to shifts to other genres such as projects delving on adult fiction. This includes sequels to the bestselling stories that she has published in the New York Times such as Into the Deep and On Dublin Street.

She says that as long as she can remember, she has always been writing. Thins clearly shows on the excellent and efficient command that she has over the written word. She engages her readers and draws them into a word that they would not have even dreamed of stepping into. She keeps them engrossed and is certainly one of the many young authors this day that can really hold a reader’s attention- something that not many self- proclaimed writers are not able to easily do.

Miss Young happens to tackle a number of genres. This ranges fro, paranormal, romance, fantasy, urban fantasy, as well as contemporary. This is good news for people that actually want is to read the works of an author the is not stuck in a single genre alone. The books that she has managed to publish so far are all reflections of the prolific work that she has been able to display over the years.

She has since been one of the more successful authors that have managed to establish a name over the years. She has been nominated for the best Roman and Best Author by the Goodreads Choice Award. This is for the work that she did for her international novel which was a best-selling one at that, On Dublin Street. This novel was her first book written under the adult contemporary romance category. It has since been sold in more than twenty-five countries worldwide.

Samantha has 19 titles to her name so far. She said that she loves all things that will allow her to v actually create. This includes her family quite a lock. This is because they are the people that have actually managed to put up with the stories that she has come up with. They have even out up with the force bedroom redecorations that she has done as well as the artwork, the singing the messy art supplies, her failed attempt at trying to learn how to play the guitar, her whiny emo music, and the two house moves and the redecorations hat have followed too.

Samantha has also ventured into contemporary literature under the Young adults banner. It has been announced that she is going to make her debut for this category with her new books Impossible Vastness of Us which will be released on Harlequin Teen in June of this year.

She recently was a part of the Stirling Book Festival called Off the Page. Here, she was able to detail everything about her journey into the success that she is now experiencing in the publishing world. She was able to do a reading and was able to meet and interact with her book fans too. She also managed to do some book signing as well.

At the Edinburgh Festival, she was part of a panel with another romance writer. In this event, they discussed topics like contemporary romance and the way they are written and the influences that they hold over the reading public. In addition, a reading and some signing were done as well to the delight of the fans.

‘A Delightfully Flirty Read Full of Banter and Heat’