Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Looking Forward - 2013

Happy 2013 guys!

I hope you all had a great time bringing in the new year. I… well… I’m not huge on new year celebrations. I don’t know why but it’s the one celebration I can take or leave. Technically, I can’t leave it, otherwise I’d be trapped in the previous year. But you get what I mean. This year I watched Avatar and The Amazing Spiderman on my new Blu-Ray player. Now you really know how much of a geek I am.

Do you all write down new year resolutions and aspirations? I quit writing resolutions a long time ago because, well, I don’t like setting myself up to fail, and when your resolutions are predominately centered around cutting out chocolate and diet Coke, you’re just asking for it.

However, this year I thought I’d write down some of my hopes and plans for 2013. So here they are in no particular order…

1) See my friends and family have a happy 2013 - cue the awws if you must, but it’s true. My family and friends rock. - Hope

2) Become proficient at Wii tennis and Zumba Core. - Plan

3) Visit the U.S. and meet some of my awesome readers over there. - Plan

4) See the day when Milo (my parents’ one year old puppy) masters the art of peeing. At the moment he’s cocking his leg so high (we're convinced he thinks he's a ninja) he keeps losing balance and peeing on himself (not a very good ninja, mind you). We’ll get him through it. 2013 is his year to prevail! - Hope

5) Visit Lake Como and avoid the internet for at least a week. - Plan

6) See On Dublin Street do well in its paperback release - Hope 

7) Wear each pair of shoes I own at least once this year - Hope

8) Release at least three new books - Plan

9) Figure out how the hell my coffee maker works - Hope

10) See the number of people’s toes I drive over reduced by one this year - Plan

11) Discover lots of new readers - Hope

12) Put one of my cookbooks to use for once and not just as a something to lean on - Plan

So that's me for 2013... have you written yours? Well, whatever they are, I'm wishing you all an amazing year to come.

Sam x