Thursday, July 07, 2011

My Cast Picks: Lunarmorte Characters

I often get asked in interviews which actors I would like to see cast in the roles of the Lunarmorte characters if it ever by some miracle made it to the big screen. I've also noticed other authors such as Rachel Vincent and Keary Taylor offering up their choices on their blogs. So I thought I'd give it a go. It was a lot harder than I thought it'd be...
Caia Ribeiro

Caia is the heroine of the Tale of Lunarmorte, a reserved blonde who has to turn into a bad-ass in order to take down her enemies. After watching this young actress in action (and super happy to see her take the lead role in the movie adaptation of The Hunger Games) I thought... now she might just be fab as Cy.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence a.k.a Caia Ribeiro
I watched Jennifer in the movie Winter's Bone and she blew me away. She's got Caia's colouring (except for the eyes - Caia's are green not blue) and I think she'd make a wicked heroine in any movie, which I'm sure she will as Katniss in The Hunger Games.

Jaeden Rodriguez

Jaeden is Caia's best friend. She a sunny, bubbly kind of girl until she comes face to face with horror. With all the shocks Jaeden takes it's no surprise she develops into a snarky, kick-ass hunter with a chip on her shoulder.

Actress Nina Dobrev a.k.a. Jaeden Rodriguez.
Nina already has the paranormal heroine market cornered as Elena Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries. However, she's just how I imagined Jaeden to look (again except for the eyes, Jaeden's are blue not brown), and we know she can play the nice, fiesty girl (Elena) and the wicked, snarky bitch (Katherine). I think she'd be awesome as the gorgeous Jaeden.


She's gorgeous, she's powerful and she's a total wolfy bitch. Alexa craves social power and has proven she'll do what it takes to get what she wants. However, life gets in the way, forcing Alexa to shed her superficial fur and try on a real wolf suit in battle.

Actress Marie Avgeropoulos a.k.a Alexa. I admit to not really knowing the standard of this young actress' acting chops but when i saw her picture I was like 'whoa... that's so Alexa'.


Laila is a young, mysterious Scandinavian girl on the wrong side of the war - she's a Midnight. But as soon as Caia meets her, she knows there is something pure and special about Laila and she quickly makes it her mission to protect her. Mysterious, sweet, 'butter wouldn't melt in her mouth' nice, Laila is the more complex of the girls as she also comes along with a hefty amount of bravery and determination.

Actress Dakota Fanning a.k.a Laila. Dakota has proved her acting skills from a very young age. She can play it serene, moody and down right creepy. I'm going for the serene with this one. Plus she has Laila's colouring and willowy frame.

Rose Bronson

She's that girl. Older, curvier, completely gorgeous; she's Lucien's ex-girlfriend. We hate her on principle. Not to mention that she's a manipulative shrew.

 Actress Elena Satine a.k.a. Rose Bronson. Again I haven't seen Elena's acting but as soon as I saw this striking red-head with her gorgeous hair and moody eyes... I automatically thought 'definitely Rose'.

Now for the boys!

Lucien LĂ­der

Lucien is the Alpha of Caia's pack. He's that older guy you can't help but crush on. Luckily for Caia the gods and two pushy fathers have made it impossible to avoid a romantic fate with Lucien. Sure he can be obnoxious and overbearing, but he's also loyal, brave and a caring Alpha. Not to mention he's Haaawwwtt!

Actor Taylor Kitsch a.k.a. Lucien. There's only one pic of Lucien because Taylor doesn't really look like this in his other photographs. But this one shot of him is as close to Lucien as I've been able to find.

Ryder Alexander

Ryder is a relief from the brooding Lucien. He's funny, charming and sexy as all hell. A total pop-culture nut, Ryder can come off a little goofy but he's got the brains and the brawn to make it work for him. He might also be the only one capable of getting through to the stubborn Jaeden Rodriguez when she shuts everyone else out.

Actor Ian Harding (Pretty Little Liars) and Actor Taylor Kinney (The Vampire Diaries)

OK, so I had difficulty choosing a Ryder. I couldn't decide between the sexy but approachable Ian Harding or the seriously hot and brawny Taylor Kinney? I decided that since this wasn't real there was no harm in putting both their pics up!

Sebastian Trey

Loveable Sebastian is Jaeden's best friend. In Caia's opinion, he's quite possibly the most beautiful boy she's ever seen with his lionesque colouring and grace. Sebastian is loyal, fun and a great listener but it's hard for the teenager to compete for Caia's affections when the Alpha is standing in his way.

Actor Chace Crawford a.k.a Sebastian.
I'd prefer to have been able to find a younger actor but Chace is the youngest I could find with Sebastian's colouring. He's a gorgeous pretty boy with a lovely gravelly voice. In looks, he's an almost perfect Sebastian.


Mal is Alexa's younger brother, although you wouldn't know it since he's so freakin' tall and brawny. Intimidation is Mal's best friend. Except for the wolf part, Mal's a typical sixteen year old guy with only one thing on his mind... that is until real life comes knocking and knocks him on his ass.

Actor Michael Trevino a.k.a Malek. Michael plays werewolf Tyler Lockwood in The Vampire Diaries so this wouldn't be much of a stretch for him. He's got Mal's build and arrogant swagger, but he can also be an alright guy when he wants to be.


Vilhelm is a young Scandinavian warlock who is willing to sacrifice a lot for the love of his life Laila. He doesn't care if she's green, blue, Midnight or Daylight. He would do whatever it takes to protect her and befriends Caia in their shared mission to do so.

Actor Alexander Ludwig a.k.a. Vilhelm. Haven't seen this kid in action but his German colouring can pass for Scandinavian. He has Vil's boyish looks, blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Plus, I think him and Dakota would look pretty cute together.

And finally....


He's a vamp with secrets. He befriends Jaeden and helps turn her into a hunter, and after that kind of lurks around from here to there. Somehow he manages to piss off everyone at some point, but you just can't help but like this vampyre! Not to mention he's the ultimate bad-ass.

Actor Tyler Blackburn a.k.a Reuben. All he needs is a lip ring and this guy's got Reuben written all over him. No wonder Ryder gets pissed off when Reuben's sniffing around Jaeden.

Well that's what I had in mind, what about you? Did you picture someone completely different?

Sam x